Querying? You definitely need to check these out:

QueryTracker –This website is a must for keeping track of queries sent, researching new agents, getting helpful querying advice, and getting support from other writers in the query trenches.


Query Shark –This blog is maintained by Janet Reid, a literary agent whose advice can definitely help you whip your query into shape. I was never brave enough to put my query up there, but just reading over the posts can help!


Agent Query –Another great website for researching agents


Preditors & Editors –This site is so important! Shows which literary agents are legit.


The Ultimate Freelance Writing Career Guide –Tons of great stuff on here. Thanks to Gail for recommending it!


A Tax Cheat Sheet for Kindle eBook Self-Publishing–Taxes can get complicated for writers, but this article is a good one for helping writers know what to expect. Thanks to Alexa and the other Creative Girls from Creative Girls Adventure Book Club for recommending it!