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On Submission

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And with grammar and spelling like this--who wouldn't give me a publishing contract??

And with grammar and spelling like this–who wouldn’t give me a publishing contract??

*Note: It’s bizarre that I use so many cute kitty pics in my blogs considering I’m A) a dog person, B) allergic to cats, and C) cats make me nervous.

My manuscript is officially on submission!! It happened so fast I haven’t really processed it–but it’s slowly sinking in. Including the edits I made after our initial offer of rep phone conversation, Brianne and I went back and forth four times before she sent me the email saying it was ready! It has been SO much fun brainstorming with her, too. Her ideas are genius! She catches everything from repeated words to big-picture ideas, and I think the additional 3k or so words has made it a much more cohesive story.

The fact that multiple editors may even now be reading my work is exciting, yes…but also TERRIFYING.

I think Anna Banks (fabulous YA author) said it best in one of her posts on the pub process:

You’re going freaking nuts. You’re feeling bad about tricking your agent, and putting her reputation on the line like that. But you’re too proud to tell her.

You know that paranoia you feel when you’re querying? The kind you get when you know an awesome agent is reading your work? Yeah, it’s like that. Only SO MUCH WORSE. Because like Anna said, it feels like you’re putting your agent’s rep on the line, too! It’s one thing to worry that an editor is snickering about how your work isn’t up to snuff, and it’s another to think about said editor snickering at you AND your agent.

So to keep my mind off of it, I’m writing, of course :). I’ve been outlining the next book in the series and working on another WIP I have.

My family and CPs have also been putting up with my random attacks of book self-esteem. So, thank you guys–I swear I’ll calm down soon :).

Also after reading Anna’s above mentioned post, I realized how woefully ignorant I am about what exactly happens after getting a book contract!

I spent a couple days researching and educating myself on things like earning out your advance and joint account clauses in the book contract. I found literary agent Kristin Nelson’s blog to be extremely helpful. This post in particular opened my eyes to writing as a business: link.


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  • Mandie Baxter / February 4, 2013, 9:51 pm  

    AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Somewhere out there an editor is reading your book! 😀

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