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Cover Reveal for Remember Yesterday

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  • Cover Reveal for Remember Yesterday

    by: Jessica Leake/ 0

    When fellow Writers House author Pintip Dunn asked if anyone wanted to join in her cover reveal, I jumped at the chance because I love cover reveals. There's just something ...

  • Ready. Set. WRITE! 2015 Week Seven

    by: Jessica Leake/ 18

      How I did on last week's goals: As I've seen happen to many others participating in RSW, my goals had to change when I got comments back from my CP! This ...

  • Ready. Set. WRITE! 2015 Week 6

    by: Jessica Leake/ 19

    How I did on last week's goals: My husband was on vacation for a week, so our days were filled with doing fun stuff with the kids, and our nights ...

  • Ready. Set. Write! 2015 Week 4

    by: Jessica Leake/ 17

      How I did on last week's goals: I haven't made a ton of progress on my WIP, but I've decided not to push myself too hard since I'm still technically ...

  • Ready. Set. Write! 2015 Week Three

    by: Jessica Leake/ 16

    How I did on last week's goals: Much better this week! All that rest after meeting my deadline did me some good, and I went back to my WIP with the ...

  • Ready. Set. Write! 2015 Week 1

    by: Jessica Leake/ 22

    How I did on last week’s goals: Not bad considering June is the busiest month for me (two birthdays, Father's Day, and our anniversary--all within days of each other). I finished ...

  • Ready. Set. Write! 2015 Goals

    by: Jessica Leake/ 2

    I'm so excited to be participating in Ready. Set. Write! again this year--I found it so helpful last year to stay on track with my writing and publishing goals, and ...

  • Giveaway for Valentine’s Day: Books to Fall in Love With

    by: Jessica Leake/ 1

      I've teamed up with some truly amazing authors for an enormous giveaway! Visit each of our websites from February 9th-February 14th for your chance to win FABULOUS books and prizes. ...

  • The Next Book in the Arcana Series!

    by: Jessica Leake/ 0

    I've been ridiculously happy and excited to have so many people who read Arcana ask me if there will be a sequel, and I'm pleased to announce that there WILL ...

  • Grand Finale Blitz for Arcana

    by: Jessica Leake/ 2

    A themed tour through Prism Book Tours. It's the GRAND FINALE for Arcana by Jessica Leake To be released November 18th. This was a fabulous tour! The book was set in a beautiful historical ...